Are you Missing out on on of Perth's Hidden Gems...

Mosman Park is home to some of the most Exclusive properties in Perth. Within the Mosman Park area there are some of the most beautiful parks (plenty of them) and with views of the Indian Ocean and Swan River to the west and east.

Mosman Park offers a unique ocean-side and river-side lifestyle that few suburbs within the Perth region can boast about.

Offering six schools (two offer boarding facilities) within the area it attracts a lot of families from all over Australia.

Mosman Park bowling club is a wonderful place to go and with the amazing views of the river you wouldn’t find much better anywhere in Perth. The friendly atmosphere of that club is also very attractive for families to come and enjoy.

Camelot is the outdoor cinema which also has an indoor cinema that not many people know about and right opposite is WoknRoll which is one of the most divine takeaway Japanese restaurants around.
The Glyde Street precinct also offers a very good selection of restaurants, shops cafes etc. and has a real village friendly atmosphere.

Mosman park has recorded a 9.8% annual growth across the board but there are some very good buys in the investment selection and I feel the homes are still the most affordable in the Western Suburbs.

If you have not considered buying in this wonderful suburb, please do give us a call for a run down on what’s available to suit your budget.

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