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23 April 2015

Today we went to the Domain Breakfast where we heard Dr Andrew Wilson Senior Economist for the Domaingroup (where you find all our current listings besides REIWA).

I have to say I was really impressed with his content of his seminar/talk and he has to be one of the most interesting people.  Although he comes from NSW where its the only market that is currently hot, investors snapping up the majority of the property which are yielding them 4% where as the banks are offering 2.4% – no brainer isn’t it?

He told us that in WA here we are still flattening out and it will be flat for the remainder of the year however stop being in the doldrums as our figures for growth are good and we have actually increased our employment from 1,048,751 in 2014 to 1,089,639 in 2015 a raise of 40,000+ jobs (no thanks to the mining companies and all their shedding).

It’s what I have been saying all along we increased so sharply and grew so sharply as he said we had to have a hangover period at some stage (love that saying). 

We were the fastest economy in the world in 2011 (18.1%) outrun China (now that’s saying a lot isn’t it) of course we wouldn’t be able to sustain that????  Now we are having that adjustment.

The Mining boom is over, but there are other exports that WA offers to the world and they are doing just fine – now that our dollar has dropped we are again cheaper to buy from.

I would suggest if you are really interested in the graphs and the full report from Dr Andrew Wilson please go to marketview and read it all I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

NOW DONT GO THINKING WE ARE GOING TO GO BACK TO 2007 PRICES WE WONT BE !!  We believe we will still be flat but eventually will go back to doing the normal increases we use to be obtaining which was about 6-7% per year.

Whatever you do don’t listen to those people that don’t have real estate – honestly they are the negative nellies who think they know.

Stop listening to those reporters who have to report on a sensational story to sell their papers they also go on half baked information.  Keep in touch with someone doing the business and that you can trust.


(go buy some real estate before everyone else does and you get caught up in multiple offers and prices rising – because yes with every fall there is a rise it’s picking the rise, which most people cannot do)




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10 April 2015

Since 2001 DFES has participated in a national campaign designed to encourage householders to change their smoke alarm battery on 1st April. The annual “Don’t be a Fool! Change your smoke alarm battery on April 1st” campaign. The campaign will include a variety of television, newspaper and social media strategies, encouraging people to test and maintain their smoke alarms. As in previous years Duracell Batteries are sponsoring a National campaign. DFES Community Engagement is seeking Fire-fighters support of the upcoming Home Fire Safety & Smoke Alarm campaigns.

The involvement of fire stations and volunteer fire and rescue services across the State is the most effective way of motivating householders to take action to ensure they have a working smoke alarm.
The key messages for the 2014 smoke alarm campaign are not yet finalised, once final approval has been granted the key messages and talking points will be sent to you. The messages will be similar to those from last year. Only working smoke alarms save lives, all smoke alarms require replacement every 10 years* 
DFES recommends householders test smoke alarms regularly (monthly)  Smoke alarms require regular cleaning – check each smoke alarm for a build-up of dust and cobwebs and clean with a vacuum cleaner at least every 6 months** 
For householders still using 9V battery powered smoke alarms, DFES urges householders to change smoke alarm batteries on April 1st ** 
DFES recommends householders install mains powered photoelectric smoke alarms DID YOU KNOW! * The awareness that smoke alarms, regardless of their type, should be replaced every ten years (26%), has significantly increased compared to 2012 (19%) ** 74%, almost three out of four respondents indicated not being aware of the need to clean smoke alarms every year and 26% indicated being aware of this. (Source: Flash Poll)

NEW LEGISLATION New legislation from the Building Code of Australia which comes into effect on 1 May 2014 requires that where more than one smoke alarm is required to be installed in a dwelling they are interconnected so that if one alarm in the dwelling activates then other alarms automatically activate. DFES will be promoting this new legislation throughout the home fire safety campaign. Please familiarise yourself with the new legislation at this LINK to the Building Commission so you are able to answer questions from the public. GETTING INVOLVED Initial emphasis will be on the 1st April campaign – with as many stations as possible doing something visible around this campaign on that day. However, encouraging the Western Australian community to have working smoke alarms is a message that firefighters can spread throughout the entire year. NEW COMMUNITY PFOFILES – CAREER STATIONS All Career stations have recently received community profiles that are also available on the Community Engagement Toolbox. The Home Fire Safety Campaign provides an opportunity to use the community profiles and CE Toolbox to assist you to identify a relevant target audience and organise an effective activity. The Community Engagement team are available to assist you with the community profiles and planning your activity. SUPPORT MATERIALS Duracell has provided merchandise to support the campaign and to help you spread the message in the community. Please focus your community engagement activities on developing skills in the community and not on providing giveaways.

NEED MORE INFO? HAVE A QUESTION OR QUERY? For further information about this campaign please contact Community Engagement on 9395 9816 or by email For all media enquiries please contact DFES Media & Public Affairs on 9395 9386 or email

What I didn’t know was change any smoke alarm after 10 years hard wired or not !!
Something we should all have to put in our diaries somewhere every anniversary of our smoke alarm on April 1st.


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