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26 March 2015

With Easter fast approaching us and Sellers are wanting to move they are re adjusting their prices to try and attract that right buyer.

The top end seems to be doing better in the last few weeks so people are definitely seeing the value.  If your property is not priced within that 3% you are going to sit on the market as there are 13,985 properties for sale in Perth so you have to be competitive.

With a lot of price reductions happening this week throughout the Western Suburbs I have noted that some properties have been on for 2+ years.  I couldn’t imagine how bad it would be to have a home open every weekend, just preparing for it with these huge homes is a major task.

Auction still is in my view one of the best ways to sell a property as you have half the time on the market.
The key is understanding that an auction was not a one-day event but a process.  This is an intense marketing campaign designed to attract maximum attention for your property.  The auction date encourages buyers to act and the auction itself is transparent so that all buyers can see what others are prepared to offer (bid) and they can increase their offer as the bidding goes along.  I have always believed that auction is the most transparent way of buying for all buyers.  People just need to come to grips with Auction it isn’t that hard to negotiate terms before the Auction probably not just on the day.

If you want any tips about Auction then just give us a call buyer or selling !!
Office number 08 9384 4600 or 0415 853 926 or


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13 March 2015

Who would want to be the meat in the sandwich? That is what a Property Manager really is.

After being involved with Property Management quite closely for the last five years I have empathy for both sides of the coin, however the Property Manager cops it not only from the owner but the tenant who quite often decides to give them a hard time (I have heard them called all sorts of names).
Communication is a necessity for Property Managers and they tend to use the email over phone calls. Who wouldn’t with 100+ calls to make in a day,  they just couldn’t manage it, to talk to each person more than 3 minutes each I can understand why they decide on email.  Another benefit of an email is that both parties have a record of what has transpired.

Lucky for most of our tenants, here at Vivian’s Residential Real Estate we have Julie Harrington who is willing to show people after the usual hours and on Saturday’s or Sunday’s if its impossible to see any other time. We will do what it takes to get you through any one of our properties.
If I see anyone looking I will give them advice to what is on our rental list – today’s tenants are tomorrows buyers or sellers in my mind.   The Team here at Vivian’s do a fantastic job and they work like Demons, next time you see our Julie Harrington give her a wave (of course a bottle of Verve wouldn’t go astray, just make sure you tell me when that’s happening!)
It’s a hard job and often thankless, but we are determined to “Keep it Real” at Vivian’s and service is the name of the game.

If you would like a rental appraisal then please do not hesitate to give Julie Harrington a call she will only be too happy to oblige.

We have leased all but one of our properties so we are on the hunt for more !!



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